Why do we have to take Continuing Education (CE) cosmetology courses?

What?   Skin and Soul Academy has created a combination study guide/refresher course on all facets of sanitation, skincare, clinical practices, and state and federal guidelines including OSHA.  This book contains definitions of all the terms of the trade you need to know along with mandated protocols and sample questions and choices to test your knowledge. This is a must-have for anyone wanting to excel in cosmetology. 



Who?   This certification is for all Salon & Spa Managers, Estheticians, Master Cosmetologists, Beauty Make-up Advisors, Nail Technicians, Barber Stylists, Commissioned Employees, Independent Contractors, Cosmetology Students, and Cosmetology Instructors.



Why?     Continuing Education (CE) certification reinforces your cosmetology knowledge while introducing you to new guidelines and current information.


When?    Coming soon!

Where?    This study guide/refresher course is available online, in person, for groups, one-on-one, in book form, and video. 



















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